The Goddess Tree Design

The Goddess Tree Design

The Goddess Tree Design that is found on HIGH VIBRATION T-Shirts and Hoodies in this year's 'Winter Collection' was originally a hand rendered image. Once I have drawn the image (I do use technology) to scan it and use a mix of programs such as Adobe Illustrator, Fresco, or Procreate to digitize the drawing and prep it for print on garments, but the presence of the artist hand in a piece like this is important to me.

This design does not have perfect symmetry, but rather an organic hand drawn balance that reflects the meditative process of creating a drawing without the use of tracing or auto tracing tools that are so often used in the industry today. 

The design is birthed through hours of deeply introspective and reflective time. It's a spiritual journey. What better way to honour symbology of the Goddess than through a fully authentic, creative process without the use of drawing aids. From my perspective, this increases the Vibration of the piece and embraces the true nature of our spark as human beings. Just as all of creation, what we create from the heart is naturally imperfect, and is a perfect reflection of nature in its imperfection. We are after all, an extension of Her Majesty, the Great Creatrix... Mother Earth. 


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