Our Story


High Vibration™ Apparel is an apparel line based on the original art and design of Carla Rae Taylor, a bold and resilient soul from Canada's far north. The term 'High Vibration' can mean a variety of things to different people. The 'Ethos' of this brand and meaning of 'High Vibration' in this context is as follows:

1. Live your passion...

As the owner of High Vibration™, I love colour! Painting murals, illustrating books and constant experimentation with visual art techniques is my jam. Migrating my original art and design to be showcased on hoodies and tees seemed like a natural next step to bringing my work to the public, plus I'm from northern Canada and we like many layers of clothing up here! Offering my original art and design on apparel opens up the opportunity for fans and followers to support my journey as an artist while adding a pop of colour and original style to their wardrobes. I hope to see you rockin' my tees at your local art gallery!  

2. Be Resilient...

It's easy to live a 'High Vibration' lifestyle when life allows you to live in a peaceful meditative state high upon a mountain top where all your needs are met, but let's be real... although that mountain dweller is definitely living a 'High Vibration' lifestyle, and it can be something to strive for, life can hand out some difficult cards, and then some, and then some more... Being resilient and being able to find one's centre amidst chaos and difficult cards is an honourable trait to strive towards and is definitely a part of living a 'High Vibration' in my books.

Having worked with inner city youth teaching art, I saw and heard some of the most heartbreaking stories. Together, the youth and I made art, bringing colour and hopeful images to some very bleak inner city walls. I taught art and also picked up a few techniques from the youth that I was teaching. This is the reason that a street art aesthetic, in particular, the use of spray cans or paint markers often makes its way into my artistic style. 

 3. Giving back when and where you can...

Using my skills to recontribute to community is very important to me and ranks high in this particular version of a 'High Vibration'. I  have a great interest in telling the stories of people and celebrating cultural diversity through my art. I have painted a number of murals based on the incredibly diverse stories of various cultural communities and how their people either survived on the land from the beginning, or how they came to live in Canada. Let me tell you, stories of resilience abound in all the communities of people who forged a life for themselves and their families in our harsh northern climates. There are stories of resilience, hardship, perseverance and victory in every community that I have had the honour of sitting with and gathering stories from for the content of my murals.

Thank you for your interest in, and support of High Vibration™ Apparel.

'Celebrating Original Art and Design'