Time to Launch!!!

Time to Launch!!!

It has been many months of preparing artwork for print, refining designs and climbing the mountain of building a website. High Vibration™ is finally ready to sell t-shirts and hoodies featuring the original artwork and graphic design of Carla Rae Taylor, a strong and resilient soul born in northern Canada. Check out my 'Our Story' page for more info about my work as an Artist. Although I am super excited to share my artwork on apparel and disseminate it to wider circles, the vision for High Vibration™ is much greater than just the apparel line.

Join me on this journey and follow the evolution of this art business through my blog posts and social media. I'm also down for creative collaborations, so shoot me a line at info@highvibrationapparel.ca if you're interested in hiring me to paint a mural, design a tee for your band merch, company or team, or potentially collab on other creative projects!

Thank you for supporting original art and design and I hope you enjoy the wild splashes of colour and stylized designs that I'm offering on these super comfy garments!

Make sure to order your hoodies before December 11th if you want to receive them before Christmas. Orders for tees can be pushed a bit later, perhaps by December 15th, but don't wait too long! Can't wait to see you all rockin' those fresh High Vibration™ designs!! 

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Yes you are doing it! What a beautiful line up, I’m thrilled to see you enter this next project. Glad to see your artwork come through.

Melissa Roeske

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